The funeral you want, planned and paid for in advance

When you take out a prepaid funeral plan, you’re not just protecting your family against rising funeral costs; you’re also protecting them from the worry of making all the arrangements. When the time comes, your family need only make one phone call to your plan provider to put The Plan in motion.

Guarantee your funeral costs are covered

A prepaid funeral plan is one of the best ways to ensure your funeral is taken care of and paid for in advance, as it guarantees to cover the cost of the funeral services included in the funeral plan. At the same time it provides loved ones with all the help and support they will need at a difficult time.

If you’ve ever had to plan someone’s funeral, you’ll understand what a distressing, emotional and expensive experience this can be. Unless you sat down and discussed everything with them in advance, the chances are you might not have known exactly what sort of funeral they wanted. Combine this with having to find the money to cover funeral costs, can result in a lot of heartache and financial difficulty.

An essential part of end of life planning

A prepaid funeral plan from Purple Funerals, the UK’s leading provider of pre-arranged funerals, lets you pay for your funeral in advance and at today’s price. It is a way of taking control of the unexpected, setting out the arrangements and limiting the costs by paying for the services included in the funeral plan upfront. It’s practical, sensible and should be an essential part of your financial end of life planning.

From having to choose a funeral director and deal with paperwork to organising the service and arranging transport, it’s all taken care of by The Funeral Plan. Our staff will be there to help and support your family through the whole process. And if they want to add their own, personal touches, like flowers, readings and hymns at the time – they can. There may be an additional charge for any special requests that are not included in The Plan.

It really is important to take care of things today with funeral costs increasing so much each year, read how you can protect yourself from rising costs with a Purple Funerals Prepaid Funeral Plan.

Save money and worry

Research carried out shows that funeral costs have been rising every year and could surpass £6,000 in just eight years time. But with a prepaid funeral plan from Purple Funerals starting at around £3,500 we believe that taking care of funeral costs now will save money for you and your loved ones in the future.

  • In 20 years’ time the average cost of a funeral could be over… £14,000!
  • Costs of a basic funeral has risen by 88% in the last 10 years****
  • Growing number of families will struggle with funeral bills**
* Weekly representation of the Standard Plan paid monthly, prices are a representative based on a 50 year old, paying by low cost Installments with a £99 deposit for a period of 20 years. ** Source: International Longevity Centre “The Funeral Time Bomb” report published 20th April 2015. *** Source: BBC News article titled “Funeral time bomb” dated 17th April 2015. **** Source: Mintel 2014.